The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

An ant colony lives under first base. One hundred wooden shacks sit atop the outfield. A rattlesnake is getting a suntan in right field, and does not wish to be disturbed. This is the baseball field of the Criollos de Caguas, the worst team in the Puerto Rico winter baseball league.

Their unlucky manager, Juan Bobo, loves the game of baseball and will do anything for his team. He knows the Criollos are very talented and could even win a few games – but their outfielders refuse to run, the catcher has three cracked ribs, and the starting pitcher is usually drunk.

DrunkThe starting pitcher Don Q

Needless to say, Juan Bobo is the lowest-paid baseball manager in all of Puerto Rico.
And so he works a second job.
Juan has a little side business as a ghost hunter. In fact, he is the top-rated ghost hunter in all of Puerto Rico.
He dresses up as a priest and visits your family in the middle of the night.
Juan calls himself El Exorcista (the Exorcist) and, according to legend, he appears at the Governor’s mansion every New Year’s Eve, to demonstrate for the independence of Puerto Rico. 
Juan Bobo spirit2
This blog is the story of Juan Bobo. Everyone in Puerto Rico has heard of him. He is the smartest man on the whole island, or the dumbest, or the laziest, or the biggest liar, depending on whom you talk to.
But he is always easy to love.
  1. Norman Eady says:

    Yes I remember – they had a JUAN BOBO exhibit in El Museo del Barrio a couple of years ago. All these great paintings with Juan Bobo in a straw hat, running around the countryside. They took a lot of schoolkids to see it.

  2. Josefina Cruz says:

    Same thing in Boyle Heights, East L.A. The crazy thing is – I’m Mexican but this RUSSIAN guy knew all the Juan Bobo stories!

  3. David Thurmond says:

    There was a Juan Bobo night club on Calle Ocho for almost twenty years. After the movie “Scarface” came out, half the guys looked like Al Pacino and shouted lines from the movie. They also had “Juan Bobo Nights,” when people could take the mike and tell the most outrageous Juan Bobo story. Juan Bobo Night was really popular, and the stories were wild.

  4. Robert McKee says:

    A baseball manager by day, an exorcist by night. This is a great character!

  5. Migdalia Bernal says:

    This takes me back a long way. My mother told me a lot of Juan Bobo stories, and I passed them on to my kids in Miami. Bobo had one great talent: getting in and out of trouble. I love this character!

  6. Carolina Diaz says:

    This Juan Bobo gets around, cause I live in Long Beach CA and my mom told me Juan Bobo stories. I still remember the one where he dressed up the pig and put make-up and lipstick on her.

  7. Cedric L. Carter says:

    I’ve heard these Juan Bobo stories in East Harlem.

  8. Jeanne Mueller says:

    I’m a middle school teacher in Boston, and I’ve used several Juan Bobo stories over the years. The kids really enjoy them – they’re a cross between Amelia Bedelia and Tom Sawyer. I Iove this blog and I agree with Joe. This would make a great TV series or film.

  9. Joe Sanchez says:

    Josh, you’re right… Juan Bobo is a funny guy.

  10. Rita Montalvo says:

    My mother used to tell me JUAN BOBO stories in Puerto Rico. This really takes me back! I love this idea, keep it up.

  11. Josh Sturgess says:

    Joe Sanchez, you make a good point — but this Juan Bobo character is a hoot! I think a lot of people will enjoy this guy. Go Bobo!

  12. Joe Sanchez says:

    “The Chronicles of Juan Bobo” sounds like it would make great HBO series, or movie, if only given the opportunity. Things haven’t changed much when it comes to Latinos getting a fair piece of the pie in Tinseltown { Hollywood }, but there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.

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