Juan bobo

Fifty Shades of Juan Bobo

One day, while the Criollos were losing by 13-2 to the second-worst team in the league, Juan Bobo caught his shortstop reading Fifty Shades of Grey in the dugout.  Juan fined him $100 and snatched it away.
It sounded like a book on interior decorating but, as he flipped through it, Juan became very disturbed.
Ai coño,” he said.
The book was about spanking – Juan found this shocking, barbaric, and he had stopped doing it a long time ago. He refused to participate in any degradation of women, regardless of what his family said.
Juan’s great grandfather, Juan Bobo Camacho, built a cattle empire based on discipline and family values.
Juan Bobo 1
His grandfather, the Rev. Bobo Bautista, performed 14 exorcisms and saved dozens of women from eternal damnation. 

 Juan Bobo Spanking

Juan’s father was an accountant. He did the best he could.
Juan Bobo Spanking 2
But Juan had put all this behind him. He threw away the book and gave it no further thought. Then a week later at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, Juan Bobo saw the graphic novel version of Fifty Shades.

 Fifty Shades Of Juan Bobo

Juan bought the book and was shocked all over again. The story was poorly written, but the real problem was the spanking techniques. They were exactly the ones his father had used. Scene after scene – the entire book – was based on the Bobo spanking style.
This was too much for Juan. The Yánquis had stolen his island, his farm lands, heritage and history – and now the Bobo family spanking techniques. They sold 65 million books and gave nothing back.  So Juan sued Random House, and demanded some money for his baseball field.
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  2. Ana Enriquez says:


  3. Irv Radin says:

    There was a Juan Bobo Tex-Mex testaurant in Torrance for a few years…some of the best fajitas in all of Los Angeles! Nice work here.

  4. Richard O'Connor says:

    JUAN BOBO reminds me of some Foolish Jack stories my dad used to tell me. This blog looks very FUNNY!

  5. Mari Anela says:

    San Antonio, TX – I read Juan Bobo stories as a kid. This “adult” style Juan Bobo is un gran cantazo! Please keep it up.

  6. Andres says:

    My Mom always mention Juan Bobo, for example Mira Juan Bobo echa para aca, antes que te meta un coco taso, or refered to as raspa coco, No seas como Juan bobo y ponte listo, que en esta vida tiene que ser uno muy vivo y no deharse ir por los amigos, cohe los consehos de tus padres, que guiren lo mejor para ti. And so forth. LOL

  7. Migdalia Bernal says:

    I heard a lot of JUAN BOBO stories from my mother in Miami, and I passed them on to my children. I love this character, and now that he’s all grown up, I love him all over again. P’alante Juan Bobo!

  8. Jennifer Calabresi says:


  9. John Fraine says:

    I’m a cheesehead from Madison, WI. I heard about Juan Bobo a few times but I never read the stories. He sounds like a radically funny dude. The photo of the accountant spanking his wife is BEYOND HYSTERICAL! (I assume she’s the wife, but who knows).

  10. Sheldon Greene says:

    JUAN BOBO is MONSTER FUNNY! I live in Chi too, and read him in school. I’m glad he’s back, big time! He gets in more trouble than me.

  11. Sofia Valdez says:

    I read some Juan Bobo stories in public school, here in the Bronx. That boy was crazy. So this is the adult Juan Bobo. I like!

  12. Francis Arroyo (Orlando, FL) says:

    I remember the Juan Bobo story, where he charms a princess with his stupidity. I once had a boyfriend like that.

  13. Maria Negron (Chicago, U.S.) says:

    I heard lots of Juan Bobo stories as a kid. I see he hasn’t changed!

  14. Andrew Statton says:

    I don’t know how the !@!#? they sold 65 million Fifty Shades books. Perhaps the end is near. This blog is a riot, though.

  15. Nikolas Verlaine says:

    This story of JUAN BOBO, his baseball team and ghost hunting seems much more engaging than Fifty Shades of Grey. Keep up the great work!

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