Juan Bobo’s Dream Machine

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo’s Dream Machine

Juan Bobo had another money-making scheme. He invented a machine that could record your dreams, and then play them back after you woke up.
He called it the “Dream Machine” and it was set up like this:
Helmet   old Telephone  Old Radio … old TV
Here is how the machine worked:
  1. Electrodes in the hockey helmet pick up alpha and beta brain waves during REM sleep
  2. The waves compress and decompress the carbon granules in a telephone (just like in a phone call).
  3. The changing resistance of the carbon granules flows out in a current to the short wave radio.
  4. The radio amplifies the current.
  5. The TV turns the current into video images.

Juan didn’t tell anyone about it. He spent many nights alone in the basement, recording his dreams and adjusting the voltage. 

Juan Bobo Dream MachineJuan Bobo activates the Dream Machine

Juan electrocuted himself a few times, but it was a small price to pay for the advancement of science. The dreams provided a few shocks too, like the time he tried out for the Belgian synchronized swimming team.
Juan Bobo Swimming Team
After twelve years he was close to perfecting it. He just needed the images to come in a little more clearly, and then he would make a fortune.
Juan even had a deluxe “Dream Machine” marketing plan. For an extra two hundred dollars, you could buy the machine along with a Salvia Divinorum plant, for enhanced dream results.
It was like Viagra for your dreams.

Viagra for your dreams 

Juan thought this was especially appropriate, since all the Viagra sold in North America (the U.S., Canada and Mexico) is produced in one factory in the town of Barceloneta, Puerto Rico.


  1. Joe Sanchez says:

    Had Mitt Romney chosen Juan Bobo as his running mate, he would have won. Latinos love Juan Bobo.

  2. Sean Murphy says:

    The world needs a good laugh and a jolly fellow these days. Juan Bobo gets my vote.

  3. Dwight Harrison says:

    We got you beat. Brooklyn is the THIRD largest city. That’s right. We read some JUAN BOBO stories too, in the Williamsburg public schools – before all the fools moved in.

  4. Teresa Guillot says:

    San Antonio, TX is the seventh-largest city in the U.S. Growing up, we read JUAN BOBO stories in school here. This is a lot of fun, I love the adult Juan Bobo. This could be a great movie, too – The Adventures of Juan Bobo !

  5. Wicho Armendariz says:

    Phoenix, AZ – We read him in school, too. Funny little guy. Great to see him again.

  6. Carmen Luna says:

    You had me at Juan Bobo. I remember this little guy from grade school in Philadelphia. Nice to see him back!

  7. Raul Rodriguez says:

    The photos here are hilarious. JUAN BOBO with his dream machine, and the Belgian synchronized swimming team, are funny as %#@!

  8. Dean Rydzinski says:

    It’s 4 a.m. and I’m reading through this whole blog. This stuff is FUNNY.

  9. Willliam Radner says:

    I’m not sure where this blog is headed…but JUAN BOBO is one hell of a character. I look forward to this one.

  10. Erica Gonzalez says:


  11. Dante Jackson says:

    This Juan Bobo is a great idea. So is the dream machine, very original.

  12. Heard of this guy in Pittsburgh, of all places. We read about him in Catholic school. Nice to see him back! says:

    Lorenzo Fiorini

  13. Juancho Estrella says:

    JUAN BOBO ROCKS! I’ll buy this dream machine, even without the Salvia plant.

  14. Alicia Brau says:

    I remember the Juan Bobo stories. This blog is a blast from the past. Echa p’alla, Juan!

  15. Peter Simpkins says:

    Two hundred years from now, I’m sure we’ll have the technology for this, and a cable TV channel to trivialize its value.

  16. Joe Sanchez says:

    Amazing! We have our own Albert Einstein { E=Mc2 } in Puerto Rico.

  17. Jeanne Mueller says:

    Is that true? All the Viagra sold in North America is made in that one factory in Puerto Rico? That is amazing! I like this blog, love Juan Bobo.

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