Papo Bullshit

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Papo Bullshit

The sheriff of Caguas was named Papo Estrada, but everyone called him Papo Bullshit. No one understood how he managed to become a cop. But when a man was in jail Papo would bring him a little wine, sit in the cell with him, and start to tell him stories.
Sometimes if they drank enough wine, Papo would forget he was the jailer… and he and the prisoner would both escape. Needless to say, Papo Bullshit was the most popular policeman in the history of Caguas.

Papo entertains a prisoner

When seven Criollos de Caguas were arrested on February 9th Papo hauled out eight gallons of Manischewitz, never mind from where. 
“Hola amigos, welcome back!” he hailed. “Did you hear what happened to Chucha and his home care attendant?” 
The ballplayers took heart, listening to Papo’s stories and anticipating an early release.

The Criollos de Caguas wait for their wine

But the evening took a serious turn as the first gallon brought on sober conversation. The second gallon, sweetly sad memory. The third gallon, thoughts of lost loves. The fourth gallon, thoughts of Nancy Greenblatt, the faithless bitch with coconut tits. The fifth gallon, serious doubts about God. The sixth gallon, plans of blackest revenge. The seventh gallon, songs of death and suicide. 
The Criollos de Caguas didn’t want to open the eighth gallon. They certainly didn’t want to finish it. They just wanted Juan Bobo to get them the hell out of there.

The Criollos after the seventh gallon

By the time Juan Bobo arrived with the bail money, the Criollos were ready to kill him.


  1. Mari Candelari says:

    A mi me encanta leer de Juan Bobo. Estos cuentos son muy graciosos, en particular lo de “Papo.”

  2. Marlon Robertson says:

    This blog is going places. Very creative, very funny. I love JUAN BOBO.

  3. Benjamin Calderon says:

    Blaise, I saw it too! What’s Papa Hemingway doing in Papo’s jail? Is he fighting the Spanish Civil War again?

  4. Albert Gillespie says:

    This is a fun read.

  5. Evaristo Eulalia says:

    This is a great idea. We need more positive images, reminders of our culture, and ways to encourage people (of all ages) to read. Papo Bullshit may not be a 100% “positive” character, but he is very human, and colorful, and a wonderful personality from the “old country.”

    I enjoy JUAN BOBO and look forward to more stories.

  6. Julisaa Nolasco says:

    Julissa Nolasco here. I am from Washington Heights and they read the JUAN BOBO stories to us in grade school, in St. Rose of Lima school. They were very funny and this blog is funny and I look forward to it.

  7. Tovah Mirisch says:

    This blog gets better and better…all these wild and colorful characters! Papo Bullshit is a hoot.

  8. Blaise Cendars says:

    Papa Hemingway = Papo Bullshit. A brilliant visual joke! This blog has a nice sly humor.

  9. Blaise Cendars says:

    Papa Hemingway = Papo Bullshit. A brilliant visual joke! This blog has a sly humor.

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