Juan Bobo Gangnam Style

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Gangnam Style

In an effort to discredit Juan Bobo someone is impersonating him, and giving Obba Gangnam Style concerts throughout Puerto Rico. The last one was in the town of Ponce, in the historic Teatro Ateneo.

Juan Bobo Gangnam StyleGangnam Style in the town of Ponce

The concert arrived with no prior advertising, and Ponce residents were alarmed to see so many Koreans in one place. “I thought they were invading Puerto Rico again,” said Pedro Paramo, the manager of a local Burger King. “Who knows, Obba Gangnam Style might be good for the economy.”  Paramo also noted that, across the street, McDonald’s was selling a PSY burger.
Similarly, San Juan citizens were disturbed to hear that Juan Bobo (or his impersonator) had broken into the horse stables in the Governor’s mansion, to film a music video for his new K-pop album Bobo Gangnam Style.

Juan Bobo Gangnam Style 2Bobo Gangnam Style

Juan Bobo also appeared on SuperXclusivo, the highest-rated TV show in Puerto Rico, to announce his engagement to Kim Hyun-a, otherwise known as the Gangnam Style girl.

Bobo and Gangnam GirlBobo and the Gangnam Girl 

This has gone far enough. If this man is truly Juan Bobo, it explains why the  Criollos de Caguas have not won a baseball game in two months. As their manager, Juan Bobo must clarify this situation immediately – both to his team, and to the people of Puerto Rico.
However, if someone is impersonating Juan Bobo, they should be arrested immediately.


The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Anonymous says:

    lol,this Juan Bobo is full of humor, I absolutely love him!!!!!

  2. Josefina Rosario says:

    I think Juan Bobo is an inspiring figure, full of energy and life. Funny too!

  3. June Pratt says:

    This Juan Bobo needs a TV show. He is too funny. By the way, we read some Juan Bobo stories in grade school, here in Chicago.

  4. Kimba Wood says:

    Juan Bobo is a shape-shifting existential hero, a perfect avatar for the media-driven, alienated experience that we now call “life.”

  5. Antonio Cao says:

    Este blog es tremendo. Quien se imagino de todo esto? JUAN BOBO es tan comico que Cantinflas.

  6. Frank Coleman says:

    Someone is a mad genius. This here Bobo is off the hook.

  7. Luis Munoz Marin says:

    I am up. I am dancing. I am Bobo Gangnam Style!

  8. Julia Taft says:

    Juan Bobo is everywhere! This dude is hipper than Williamsburg.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Bobo Gangnam Style — this blog is off the hook.

  10. Ralph del Vecchio says:

    There is no end to the Bobo.

    Obba gangnam style!

    Bobo gangnam style!

  11. Alan Klingenstein says:

    Hahaha!!! U go JB.

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