Juan Bobo’s Spermatozoon

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo’s Spermatozoon      

Crosses the Rio Grande

Against his better judgment, Juan Bobo attended a baseball party at the Caguas Real Golf & Country Club. 
The mayor of Caguas, the witch doctor of Guayama, and le tout Caguas were invited to this hot party.
Wave upon wave of partygoers jammed into the Rita Moreno Ballroom,  where the women swayed dreamily to Besame Mucho. El Gran Combo exploded into Amor Brutal and the party heated up fast.

El Gran Combo sings Handel’s Messiah  

Juan grabbed a Corona, retreated to a palm tree, and waited for disaster.
This party was a horrible mistake…the Yankees viewed Juan’s spermatozoa as a long stream of illegal immigrants, wading across the Rio Grande to take up residence (and collect welfare) in the United States. Even one spermatozoon was cause for alarm. And here comes Viagra, throwing a party for all of them.

Bobo Sperm

Juan’s spermatozoon

As if to prove Juan’s point, Adam Clayton Powell VI started to dance with Juan’s sister. Then he kissed her neck. Then he pinched her breasts.
Hijo de la gran puta!”
“Te corto la cara!”
“Dame mis chavos, maricón!” 
A fight broke out between the Criollos and the Barónes, something about some fake jewelry. Juan had to run over and calm things down, take a knife out of Flaco Navaja’s hand, and get Choco safely out of the ballroom. 

Where’s my stolen watch?!

By the time he ran back, Adam Clayton Powell VI and Juan’s sister were gone.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Isabel Roselló says:

    This blog knocks me out. Juan Bobo is a great character. He sees dead people.

  2. Tom Phillips says:

    That picture of Juan’s spermatozoon is TOO FUNNY !!!

  3. Cedric McClester says:

    I love El Gran Combo, and am thrilled to see them singing Handel’s Messiah. Rock on !

  4. Joe sanchez says:

    Looks and sounds like a West Side Story scene…starring Rita Moreno. And where Tony meets Maria { Natalie Wood }. A boy like that who’d kill your brother….stick to your own kind. And let’s not forget Jets vs Sharks. Play it cool, Juan Bobo. Everything’s free in America, for a small fee in America. I want to be in America.

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