Juan Bobo and his Star Player

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo and his

Star Player

After 521 innings, Juan Bobo was desperate to win the baseball game against the Barones de Barceloneta. Juan was tired of the opposing team manager, Adam Clayton Powell VI, who called a press conference every night for no apparent reason.

Powell press conference about something or other

He was tired of the Barones cheerleaders and their skimpy outfits, which kept distracting his first baseman.

The Barones de Barceloneta cheerleaders

Juan was definitely tired of the Barones’ 12-foot elephant, and the disrespect he showed toward the Criollos and their dugout.

The elephant undermines the Criollos’ morale

Finally, in the 522nd inning, the Barones looked like winners. They loaded the bases with no outs and Juan was finally going home…but then, all of a sudden, his centerfielder Papa Cool decided to become a hero.
Papa started running everywhere…he became a one-man outfield, caught everything left and right, dove for breathtaking shoe-stringers, speared fantastic catches over his shoulder, fielded infield grounders…and at one point, he charged a bunt for the force-out at home plate.

Papa Cool saves a home run

But finally with two outs, the Barones clean-up man belted a home run.
The ball soared high and deep into the foggy center field sky and Papa galloped after it like an African horse, legs pumping, every muscle straining, his black eyes popping even as he crashed through the center field wall and plummeted down a 25-foot embankment.

The hole where Papa crashed

Adam Clayton Powell VII charged out onto the field, howling and pumping his fist, until he saw that the stadium was still. The runners circled the bases in a strange, respectful silence. Everyone watched quietly as they found Papa Cool’s body, and hauled it back to the dugout on a stretcher.

Baseball huddlePapa Cool caught the ball, then died

Papa didn’t move. He wasn’t even breathing. A priest climbed down somberly to administer the Last Rites, and no one in the stadium stirred. The place was so quiet you could hear the priest’s every word.
“Blessed Father, I am here with Papa Cool, to unite his spirit with the passion of Christ, in the name of the father, the son, and…wait a minute…what the hell is this?”
Juan Bobo ran over as the priest opened Papa’s glove. “Ave Maria Purísima!” yelled the priest. “He caught it…he caught the ball!”
The priest waved the baseball and the stadium exploded. Six thousand fans screamed, Old Man Oye fainted, someone banged a Chinese gong, and a dozen kids leaped into right field waving their butterfly nets. A conjunto jumped onto the dugout and belted out a bachata.
And so after 522 innings the teams were still deadlocked – in the longest game in baseball history.
Juan Bobo started to cry.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

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  2. Ed Vega says:

    522 innings…a 12-foot elephant…Filadelfo the accordion player…Papa Cool saves the game…this is OUT OF SIGHT!

  3. Maria Candelari says:


  4. Pepe Serna says:

    Este equipo de beísbol esta por la maceta!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Papa Cool reminds me of Cool Bell, the great outfielder and tremendous base runner !

  6. Nelson Denis says:

    This baseball game is being played in the Macondo League of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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