Juan Bobo and his Genius Uncle

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo and his

Genius Uncle

When Adam Clayton Powell VI was shot and killed, Juan Bobo left Puerto Rico in    a hurry.  He flew to America and looked up his uncle, Dr. Virgilio Bobo. 

electric Bobo


Dr. Bobo was a genius.
As Director of the Arecibo Radio Telescope, Dr. Bobo appeared in a James Bond movie, two horror films and numerous episodes of the X-Files. He was the extra-terrestrial consultant for the movie Contact. He even substituted for Leonard Nimoy in two episodes of Star Trek. 

Spock Bobo

The doctor also determined the  rotation rate of the planet Mercury, discovered the  first planets outside our solar system, found the first millisecond pulsar  (20 miles wide and spinning 642 times per second), and detected pre-biotic molecules in the galaxy Arp 220 which is 250 million light years away.
When he left Caguas in 1948, Dr. Bobo was only sixteen and already famous for his knowledge of short-wave radio technology. Now he was a world-famous astronomer, charting our universe as head of the Astrophysics Department at Cornell University, which owned the telescope. 
So Dr. Bobo was a pretty smart guy.

The Arecibo radio telescope 

To protect his genius and the confidentiality of his findings, they even built a    special campus for Dr. Bobo and his many assistants, called Camp Chesterfield.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Richard Prentke says:

    This blog is cra-a-a-azy. I love this Juan Bobo guy, and all his weird family.

  2. Migdalia Bernal says:

    Dr. Bobo es muy elegante en el papel de Dr. Spock!

  3. Erica Rivera says:

    I think Dr. Virgilio Bobo should get a MacArthur genius grant.

  4. Margaret Hildebrand says:

    Dr. Bobo the genius…the stand-in for Mr. Spock…another great character!

    This blog is a great, unfolding story.

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