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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo History Lesson:

The United Fruit Company

By 1930 the United Fruit Company owned over one million acres of land in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba.

By 1940, in Honduras alone, the United Fruit Company owned 50 percent of all private land in the entire country. In Guatemala, the United Fruit Company owned 75 percent of all private land by 1942 – plus most of Guatemala’s roads, power stations and phone lines, the only Pacific seaport, and every mile of railroad.

By 1930, over 40 percent of all the arable land in Puerto Rico had been converted into sugar plantations, which were entirely owned by ex-Governor Charles Allen and U.S. banking interests. These bank syndicates also owned the entire coastal railroad, and the San Juan international seaport.

The U.S. government (particularly the CIA) supported all these economic exploits. They provided military persuasion whenever necessary. They murdered people in broad daylight, if they got in the way. The most famous of these was the “Banana Massacre” in Columbia.

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