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Juan Bobo Spam University






Credit Default Swaps

Collateralized Debt Obligations

Affirmative Action      for White People


Rikers Island Campus


Spam Events

Dominican Spam

Mail & Wire Fraud

Bernie Madoff Scholarships


“Not just an education…a career.”

Welcome to Puerto Rican Spam University, the world’s top-rated educational institution for the growing spam industry.

Are you tired of your dead-end job? Want to make some big-time cash without actually working? Earn the money you deserve in the exciting and fast-growing spam industry.

At Juan Bobo Spam University, you’ll earn while you learn. Our hands-on curriculum will teach you time-proven spamming techniques:  Everything you need to make a name for yourself in the fast-paced spam industry.

Are you up to the challenge?

Click the links on the left to see more about Juan Bobo Spam. Better yet, send us your email address so we can provide you with lots of helpful information.

Juan bobo

  Dr. Juan Bobo Standish, Dean of Juan Bobo Spam University.

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The Chronicles of Juan Bobo


  1. […] Juan Bobo Spam University (juanboboblog.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Marco Rubio says:

    I financed most of my campaigns using the Spam University course of instruction.

    Thank you, Juan Bobo !

  3. Celia Del Toro says:

    A mi me encanta el spam, el spam ham, y el spam de mariposa.

  4. Mark Goldberg says:

    I like this information. Thank you for this Spam program of study.

  5. Cedric McClester says:

    Can I get a scholarship to Juan Bobo Spam University?

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