Juan Bobo Goes to Hollywood

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Goes to Hollywood

Juan Bobo has taken a break from New York politics, in order to save the economy of California.

Juan Bobo Time Mag

In an incredible three weeks, he took leading roles in every Hollywood film to be released in 2014. Given the state of Hollywood, most of these are horror films.

On New Years Day of 2014, Dimension Films will launch this:

Juan Blackula

“The demographics for this film are incredible,” said Paul Dergarabedian, President of Exhibitor Relations, Inc. “A black Dracula with a Puerto Rican soul, biting white women in the neck, is sheer marketing genius.”

“Juan Bobo is a savage,” said Dimension President Harvey Weinstein.“He put a Puerto Rican twist into Blacula, and now the ladies are going crazy.”

This may be no exaggeration. According to the Hollywood Reporter, seven women passed out during test screenings of the film.

Hollywood Reporters

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

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  2. Tonio Bicicleta says:

    They should do a sequel…PRACULA…and then PUERTORACULA.

  3. Joe Sanchez says:

    What, Juan Bobo is not playing the protagonist? Typical Hollywood… playing us Latinos as bad guys and drug dealers. Hey, Juan Bobo, tell the Hollywood producers, directors, and writers, to kiss your Puerto Rican gluteus maximus.

  4. Cedric McClester says:

    Oh no you didn’t! Juan Bobo is doing the Blacula thang!

    You go, brother man. I will be there for the opening.

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