Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Voter Registration 

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY  – One week after the Committee to Elect Juan Bobo (COJUBO) announced its campaign for U.S. congress, voter recruitment into the Democratic party has reached dangerous levels in Washington Heights.

Strange individuals are knocking on doors, then breaking them down in the most aggressive voter registration campaign in the history of New York City.

Voter registration on Dyckman Street

Federal marshals have been called in to monitor this activity, particularly with respect to the registration of 287 dead people in the Dyckman public housing project.

“This is a major electoral shift,” said Douglas Kellner, Chairman of the New York County Board of Elections. “I’ve seen dead people vote. But this is a whole army of them.” 

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Pam Ostrager says:

    I love this one!!!! Pam

  2. Nelson Denis says:

    I have read Joe Sanchez’s novels and they are excellent.

    He was a superb crime fighter in Washington Heights, and HE would stop the walking dead from voting in Washington Heights.

    We need Joe Sanchez again!

  3. Joe Sanchez says:

    Forget the U.S. Federal Marshals, unless the walking dead are escaped fugitives.Call former super cop Joe Sanchez, also known as “The Arrest Machine” He worked up in Washinton Heights for 8 years, terrorizing drug dealers and vicious criminals, especially on 163rd Street Street, between Broadway and St. Nicholas Avenue. He will get to the bottom of it and bring to justice these electoral fraud Zombies, dead or alive. Preferably dead, since that’s what they are. Lock your doors, lest you,too, become one of the walking dead. But worst-case scenario is having Joe Sanchez coming after you.

  4. Cedric McClester says:

    I’ve seen dead people vote – eight times apiece in the same election.

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