Juan bobo

Juan Bobo on the Economy

Juan Bobo is running for President again.  He is already on the ballot in thirty nine states.

Juan Bobo for President


He also has a ground-breaking economic vision for America. His economic platform is powerful and profound. According to Leo Machuchal, there  IS no American economy. 

Economy Graph

Once he becomes our President, Juan Bobo will show us how to survive in a country that has no economy.

Don’t forget to vote for him.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Elisa Nieves says:

    I will VOTE for Juan Bobo…anytime, anywhere!

  2. Joe Sanchez says:

    What I like about Juan Bobo is that he is no Demagogue, Machiavellian, nor in it for fame and money, as are so many charlatan and rabble-rousers politician. He’s in it for the people, as should be. He gets my vote. In the end I want to hear how Bobo Juan the election.

  3. Pedro Vidal says:

    I like the subtext here — the economy is a mess, Juan Bobo is running for president AND governor, and he has two interchangeable names. It sounds like the state of our union.

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