Juan Bobo History Lesson: The Fania Record Label

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo History Lesson:

The Fania Record Label

For 20 years, from 1964 to 1984, Fania Records was the hottest incubator of Latin music in the world. If Salsa was the message, Fania was the post office that delivered it.

Celia Cruz, Yomo Toro, Hector Lavoe, Larry Harlow, the Palmieri Brothers, Ray Baretto, Joe Bataan, Ruben Blades, Ricardo Ray…the boogaloo, the shingaling, salsa, guaracha, charanga, guaguancó…you name it, Fania had it.

The Fania label was as firmly and aggressively dedicated to “our Latin thing,” as Motown was to black rhythm & blues.                                                   

Here is a YouTube playlist of some of Fania’s greatest artists:

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Joe Sanchez says:

    Al Sheppard is a Vietnam Combat veteran and a retired NYPD detective. He did the job other NYPD cops could not do. He co-wrote “E-Man: Life in the NYPD Emergency Service Unit” A True Blue honest cop, with Salsa in his heart, mind and soul.

  2. Al Sheppard says:

    As a Patty Boy (Irish kid) that music was into my soul, as the PR people, Viva Puerto Rico Semper

  3. Cheo "El Pirata" Palacios says:

    This is a HOT happening blog! Thank you for this walk down memory lane.

    I still remember Izzy Sanabria, Ralph Mercado and all those wonderful artists. Those were the days.

  4. Joe Sanchez says:

    You are the man, Gene. Glad to know you were there during the Fania days and part of it. God bless you, brother.Love your Cozy Corner Radio Show at: http://www.cozycornerradio.com

  5. Gene Serina says:

    Wow, what memories.
    As an Italiian and manager, DJ and Booking Agent for The Latin Palce (club) on the Lower East Side, I booked many of the artists shown in the photo above through RMM (Ralph Mercado Management) as well as other acts through Landy Soba’s agency. I had booked one new band called Fuego 77 who I introduced to the Fania label who signed the band and released their first album on the Allegre imprint. The key members were David Sanchez, Frankie Vasquez and Noey Matos. Noey, an incredible latin percussionist recently added Latin percussions on a new dance track I’m currently promoting “Look Out Love” by Lauren Robert and he is also the voice and percussions for the #1 dance hit “Bang Bang” by the Afro Cuban Band featuring Noey Matos, produced by the legendary Michael Zager and released on the Jellybean label. Some of my foundest memories in my music career were during my days running the Latin Palace and the sounds of “Salsa”
    Gene Serina
    New York City

  6. Joe Sanchez says:

    Many a non-Latino NYPD cops fell in love when they found a rose in Spanish Harlem

  7. Tato Lavieri says:

    I couldn’t get the full playlist with your link…but I loved the Shingaling selection, and I went on YouTube and heard many others. What great music. Thanks!

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