Juan Bobo: The Don Q Candidate

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo: The Don Q Candidate

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – Juan Bobo’s campaign was going great. He was all set to become the next congressman from Washington Heights. And then the accusations began.

“He’s a bootlegger!” screamed his opponent Charlie Rangel. “He’s buying votes with his rum! As proof, Rangel whipped a label out of his pocket, with Bobo’s photo on it:

Don Q Bobo

This all came as a shock to Juan Bobo, who denies any association with Don Q, and has not had a drink in 16 years.

“Somebody’s doing something slick,” said Bobo, as his bus rolled down Amsterdam Avenue.

“We must be winning, or else they wouldn’t be lying.”

Juan Bobo Bus

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Luis Gandulin says:

    I voted for Juan Bobo eight times in the last election. They robbed and cheated him.

  2. Maria Pacheco says:

    I love the photo-shopping of Juan Bobo. This blog is really creative.

    YES…I’m voting BOBO too!

  3. Cedric McClester says:

    Juan Bobo has the charisma. Juan Bobo has the bus. Juan Bobo has the momentum!

  4. Pedro Almendara says:

    Rangel is a 100% hypocrite.

    But Juan Bobo is a real, breathing character! He feels truer (and gets into more trouble) than many so-called people that I know.

  5. Joe Sanchez says:

    At least Juan Bobo has never denied his full ethinicity. Charlie Rangel’s father was Puerto Rican and his mother black, but he let people think he was full-blooded black so he could win the black vote in Harlem and win. He’s your typical machiavellian: do what ever you can to win. Step on anybody who gets in your way, even if it’s your sweet and dear grandmother. Now that the Latino population is at an all-time high, Rangel says he’s half Puerto Rican. Juan Bobo knows where he came from. He’s altruistic and honest. He gets my vote. Pa’lante mi gente!

  6. Cedric McClester says:

    Don’t worry, Juan Bobo. I’m voting for you.

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