Juan Bobo History Lesson: Myrta Silva

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo History Lesson:

Myrta Silva

Myrta Silva had a 40-year reign as “the Queen of the Guaracha.” She was the premier female singer in Puerto Rico and New York.

Myrta sang and composed dozens of chart-topping hits. She headlined with many bands in Puerto Rico, Cuba and the United States; and hosted musical variety TV shows in both Puerto Rico and New York.

They called her La Gorda de Oro (the Fat Lady Made of Gold). She was a talented musical comedienne… 

She was a great Latin singer…

Myrta Silva, a true Puerto Rican original.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. sex contact says:

    I found this blog very usefull and I just wanna thank you for that. I hope you keep up the great work!

  2. Cedric McClester says:

    This is great material. I loved these two videos. Bravo Juan Bobo.

  3. Simforoso Alicea says:

    ¡Esa gorda canta como loco!

  4. Eli says:

    Great stuff, Nelson. This blog is full of neat info.

  5. Migdalia Bernal says:

    Myrta Silva had a tremendous TV show on channel 47, back in the mid-60’s. We’re talking 50 years ago!

    It is TREMENDOUS to see that someone has remembered and preserved all this – and those two YouTube videos are absolute gold.

    No wonder they called her La Gorda de Oro.

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