Juan Bobo Scientology (Bobo Frees the Slaves)

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Scientology

(Bobo Frees the Slaves)

WEST POINT, NY – Juan Bobo has recently emerged as a key figure in American history. Thanks to Bobo, the slaves went free.

As you know, Juan Bobo is a Scientology master of MEST (matter, energy, space and time). This allowed him to appear in a cloud to the West Point cadets during a training exercise on July 4, 1858.

He “spot checked” them for battle readiness.

Scientology Bobo

The cadets were escorting women during the entire exercise. They didn’t even fire their cannons.

243 cadets were expelled from West Point on that day of July 4, 1858. But the ones that stayed became alert military officers.

Thanks to Juan Bobo and his Scientology MEST powers, the North won the war and the slaves went free. 

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Hi you have a great blog over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting information for us! If you keep up this good work I’ll visit your website again. Thanks!

  2. Laton Percival says:

    JUAN BOBO is a Scientologist, too? This is a true Renaissance man.

  3. Margaret Hildebrand says:

    Those were Ordonez cannons pointing at him…Juan Bobo is a brave man indeed!

  4. Joe sanchez says:

    An Abe Lincoln, I would say.

  5. Marty Waller says:

    I dig the eclecticism of this blog (!)

  6. Maria Rosa says:

    Juan Bobo is a constant surprise. I love this stuff.

  7. Brad Felton says:

    I always knew that Juan Bobo was a man of the people.

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