Juan Bobo’s Income Tax Tips Part V

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo’s Income Tax Tips

Part V

Juan Bobo doesn’t want you to pay any unnecessary taxes.

This is not a political statement…Bobo just thinks you’re working too hard, to throw your money away.

So here are some more tax tips from Bobo.

1)  Beat the Internal Revenue

Service at their own game.     

Before the IRS steals from millions of people, YOU steal from millions of people.  Then when you go to jail, those same people will pay for your meals. 

Juan Bobo Daily News

2)  Wear strange clothing and

terrorize the countryside.   

The Internal Revenue Service has yet to audit Frankenstein.


3)  Become a Navy SEAL.

Elite SEAL teams chase terrorists around the world, kill them, and never pay any taxes.  

Bobo on NY Post

4)  Run for Governor.

For some strange reason, a Governor never pays any taxes.  

Juan Bobo Running for Office

Only the little people do.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. sex date says:

    hello you have a cool site. I wanna thank you for sharing this cool articles with us. Keep up this good work!

  2. Joe sanchez says:

    Thank you, Nelson. And as always, thanks for your friendship and support. God bless, hermano.

  3. Nelson Denis says:

    Joe, that was pretty funny! Your mind is excellent.

  4. Joe Sanchez says:

    Sorry, it should have read living in Florida…that’s what happens to the mind of 100% disable veteran when his/her mind goes into a fog.

  5. Joe Sanchez says:

    If Juan Bobo were 100% DISABLE War VETERAN and leaving in Florida as well as in a few other states, he would not be paying home property tax.

  6. Rolf McCready says:

    I have tried all of these tax strategies.

    They all worked.

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