Juan Bobo History Lesson: Joe Bataan

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo History Lesson

Joe Bataan 

Joe Bataan was a Salsa pioneer during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He founded the Latin Swingers band, and created a distinctive melodic mix of Latin boogaloo and African American doo-wop.

Bataan released eight original titles for Fania Records, which included the gold-selling Riot!

Joe Bataan


In 1973, Bataan helped coin the phrase “salsoul” and co-founded the Salsoul Records label, for which he recorded three albums and several singles.  In 1979, his Rap-O Clap-O became an early hip hop hit. After his 1981 album, “Bataan II,” he retired from music-making to spend more time with his family and to work as a youth counselor .

In 2005, Bataan broke his long hiatus with the release of Call My Name, a well-received album recorded for Spain’s Vampisoul label.

Joe Bataan was, and remains, a unique artist with a great commitment toward his community. He is a true gentleman, and a terrific role model.

Here is a YouTube sample of an early Bataan classic:

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Elba Motalvo says:

    I danced at the Limelight for many years, to the great Joe Bataan hits!

    I loved, LOVED Riot.

  2. Lliana Soto says:

    Joe Bataan — the Baron of Boogaloo, Sultan of Salsoul.

    No one else is like him…he is unique!

  3. Joe Sanchez says:

    Yes, Joe Bataan has always been an ordinary guy, unlike other Latino musicians like Larry Harlow, who unless you can do something for them, will snub you.

  4. Francisco Gutierrez says:

    Joe Bataan is an absolute gentleman. I met him once, when he was working with a youth program — a truly decent, compassionate guy.

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