Juan Bobo Makes the Ladies Scream

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Recent Posts
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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Makes the Ladies Scream

Juan Bobo refuses to be type-cast. A Hollywood straitjacket has been placed on him, as the handsome leading man.

Juan Bobo Time Mag

But Juan is too big for stereotypes, Puerto Rican or otherwise. Next week Paramount Pictures announces the release of Juan Bobo’s breakthrough film: Friday 13thJason Takes Manhattan.

Bobo the 13th

“Juan Bobo is a savage!” said Paramount Chairman Donald Pleasance.

“He put a Puerto Rican twist into Jason, and now the ladies are going crazy!”

This may be no exaggeration. According to the Hollywood Reporter, seven women passed out during test screenings of the film.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Luis Rafael Sanchez says:

    Juan Bobo is such a lady killer.

  2. Joe Sanchez says:

    Talk about a Puerto Rican with a switchblade…watch out!

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