Juan bobo

Juan Bobo the Tortured Painter

Juan Bobo is developing a new, disturbing talent. He was a child prodigy in Caguas Puerto Rico. His early portraits of Toño Bicicleta and other serial killers, won him worldwide recognition.

Bobo Bicicleta

Subsequently, Juan specialized in family portraits such as the much-beloved Cocolo de Caguas.

Mananz warrior

For a while, he drew landscapes of old San Juan and other Puerto Rican towns.

Bobo Town

In the last month however, Bobo’s work has become tortured.

He now paints lizards, rats, snakes and roaches.

Bobo Town 2

He also paints endless labyrinths of Kafkaesque despair, with empty figures walking nowhere, for all eternity. 

Bobo Town 3

All of this suggests, that Bobo should take a break from politics.

Maybe take a boys’ night out.


A man of Bobo’s genius should not always be suffering.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Mario Bernal says:

    Juan Bobo pinta mejor que Picasso.

  2. Mario Bernal says:

    JUAN BOBO pinta major que Picasso.

  3. Joe Sanchez says:

    As long as Juan Bobo does not do a Vincent Van Gogh and keeps both ears and life, he will do just fine as a portrait painter.

  4. Eva Munoz says:


  5. Wito Pacheco says:

    Juan Bobo needs a MacArthur grant. Maybe a few bucks will relieve his existential angst.

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