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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo in Taiwan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN  – Juan Bobo went on a legislative fact-finding mission to Taiwan. He went as a guest observer of the Taiwanese legislature, and observed how they worked out their differences.

Juan was impressed by their legislative process.

Rather than waste their time on useless committees and floor debate, the Clerk simply announces the bill number, then rings a bell. For the next ten minutes, the Taiwanese politicians discuss the bill, in any way they see fit.

There are no rules of procedure during this ten-minute discussion period.

Taiwanese BoboRoll call vote in the Taiwanese legislature

The legislative output in Taiwan is astounding.

They have balanced their budget every year for the last 341 years, they created the most progressive tax system in the world, their GNP has doubled since 1998, and they have the most highly-educated workforce in the Pacific Rim.

According to Juan Bobo, “we should try this in Washington.”

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