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Juan Bobo History Lesson:

The Ponce Massacre

In 1937, on Palm Sunday, the townspeople of Ponce held a peaceful march in favor of the independence of Puerto Rico. The marchers were unarmed men, women and children.

The U.S.-appointed governor of Puerto Rico, Blanton Winship, did not agree with this march. He ordered dozens of policemen and National Guard to stop it, even if it required shooting the unarmed marchers.

Ponce MassacreThe Ponce Massacre

19 men, women and children were brutally murdered in broad daylight that Palm Sunday. 200 others were wounded.

March 21, 1937 is a day that Puerto Ricans will never forget. It started out as Palm Sunday, and ended as the Ponce Massacre.

Here is a documentary about the event.

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