Juan bobo

Joselito Canta

Juan Bobo’s campaign for congress is running out of money. To raise come quick funds, Bobo started singing Jibaro tunes in Times Square. Israeli producer Arnon Milchan happened to be in town, and quickly signed Bobo to a three-picture deal, where he plays a singing teenage shepherd.

“My films are foolproof,” said Milchan. “All Bobo has to do is sing and chase sheep into a cave.” 

Juan Bobo Ruisenor


Mr. Milchan was kind enough to provide a film clip.

But Bobo needs more than YouTube.  He needs money for his congressional campaign. We hope that Milchan pays Leo quickly, in time for the election. 

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Wito Pacheco says:


  2. Joe Sanchez says:

    With his angelic voice, Juan Bobo will help lead the sheep away from the slaughter…

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