Juan bobo

Juan Bobo’s Income Tax Tips


Juan Bobo has not paid any income taxes for the past 12 years.

All his tax strategies are legal, and Juan has never even audited.

Here are a few more tax tips from Juan:

INVENT A NEW PRODUCT and deduct all research & development expenses, including damage to your nose.

Juan Bobo Fork

BE THE ONLY HONEST LAWYER IN TOWN, and go broke when your clients leave you.

Juan Bobo Honest Lawyer

BECOME A PROPHET, gaze frequently into the sky, and deduct all your travel expenses.

Juan Bobo Prophet

OPEN A BAR IN WILLIAMSBURG and invite all your unpublished friends. You’ll go bankrupt in a week.

Juan Bobo 3

IF THE IRS EVER CALLS, tell them you’re clinically depressed.


The Chronicles of Juan Bobo

  1. Wito Pacheco says:

    Juan Bobo stole these tips from me. No fair.

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