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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Bedroom Etiquette

As a child, Juan Bobo did not get enough attention from his mother. This created some early childhood issues, including proper etiquette in the Bobo bedroom.

Every day, Juan Bobo’s father always came home exhausted from cutting sugar cane. Every night the poor man could not sleep, because Juan Bobo beat him to the punch.

Juan developed many techniques for staying in the maternal bed. The first one was the Booby Trap

With this position, there was no way for Juan Sr. to climb into bed without squashing Juan Jr.

Another position was the “Big H.”

This required a lot of effort. When the “H” collapsed Juan took a passive-aggressive rest, in the Neck Scarf position.

Sometimes Juanito needed to keep an eye on both of them, to make sure that no funny business was going on.

The Stalker Position was perfect for this.

Finally, to celebrate yet another successful night in his mother’s bed, Juan would bust out the Snow Angel.

In this manner Juan worked out his Oedipal issues and got all the attention he deserved. His father never got much sleep, but that wasn’t Juan’s problem. 

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo