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Juan bobo

Cotto vs. Juan Bobo

YANKEE STADIUM   –  Here is the fight we’ve all been waiting for.

Juan Bobo lost a 12-round thriller to Miguel Cotto last year, but next month is the grudge match.

“I’m going to go Rambo on him,” said Juan, “and then I’m going to go Antonio Margarito.”    

bobo knock out punchThe 12th round of their previous fight

Though Cotto is a  28-1  favorite, Juan has been training in the Isla del Carajo gym…the most rigorous and spartan gym in the world.

Two world-class heavyweights have died in Isla Del Carajo, as a result of the brutal training methods employed by their staff.

Bobo's GymThe Isla del Carajo gym 

When asked his training regimen at Isla del Carajo, Juan said “they taught me how to kill my opponent.”

Juan Bobo then refused further comment. 

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo


Juan bobo

Juan Bobo (not) on HBO

“New York…just like I pictured it…skyscrapers and everythang.”

With no money in his pocket, Juan Bobo became quite desperate. He saw a classified ad for “sparring partners” and figured what the hell, he could take a punch or two.

He didn’t know that he’d sparring with Miguel Cotto who is also from Caguas, but a somewhat better fighter.

Juan got hired. The sparring match began. Juan got in a punch or two, but when a gash opened over Cotto’s left eye, the man went crazy on poor Juan.

“You weren’t supposed to cut me, pendejo!” yelled Cotto, as he beat Juan senseless.

juan bob PunchMiguel Cotto says hello

Juan’s sparring career lasted two rounds. They didn’t even pay him. It’s safe to say, you will not see Juan Bobo on HBO Sports anytime soon.

The Chronicles of Juan Bobo