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Juan bobo

Juan Bobo Develops

Anti-Aging Drug 

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Juan Bobo has developed a revolutionary Coquito drink.  It contains the usual rum, Coco Lopez and Carnation evaporated milk…but according to the Puerto Rican, it also contains “a Jack LaLanne Hormone which adds 30 years to your life.”

This claim was recently tested by Dr. Claire Richmond, Chief of Internal Medicine at Staten IslandUniversityHospital. Within ten minutes, Dr. Richmond performed a scene from Rocky and invested $200,000 in the Puerto Rican’s company.

Push Up GrannyThe Coquito works within minutes

Also skeptical was Prof. Tomás Morales, President of the College of Staten Island. After half a cup of Coquito, the professor performed handstands for nearly an hour.

Professor MoralesProfessor Morales points his toes

According to the Staten Island Advance, the Coquito formula is already under exclusive patent, and Bobo will be a billionaire within five years.

Juan Bobo drinks six glasses of Coquito a day. He was last seen doing 500 laps in the McBurney YMCA swimming pool.

Bobo Felps


The Chronicles of Juan Bobo